About us

About us

Of course we would like to meet with you and tell you what we do during.

Trading With Commitment B.V. abbreviated TWC started on January 3, 2005 with the aim to sell electrical products that we believe our customer benefits with the purchase of it. Good information and technical guidance belong here, of course, too.

A piece of history

TWC is a daughter of Helmacab Holland B.V. Which in addition to selling its vast cable range (all stock), also the products of the Finnish Trafo- group where under TRAFOTEK transformers had under his wing. TWC has taken over this product range so Helmacab can focus on the cable sales.

TWC specializes in solutions in the shipbuilding industry. Our products include installed on passenger ships, oil and gas tankers, icebreakers and other vessels. Think of Transformers and Marine Cables.

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